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Seiva-rocket fish

Seiva Boards – Rocket Fish

Bringing back the RETRO!!!

The 1970s saw the birth of modern day skateboarding, with Californian surfers taking up this “old fad” and perform surf-like moves around the concrete jungle.  As their interest in this sport increased so to did their need for equipment. As most of these young lads came from the poorer parts of the Californian suburbs, brand new skateboards weren’t as available and gorilla-style skateboard making was born.  Get a plank of maple some old roller-skate trucks some screws and tools and you had yourself a skateboard.

Seiva boards have captured that nostalgic spirit and enthusiasm by creating some wonderfully designed, hand-made, retro-inspired, skate longboards.  Seiva’s line up are all pretty sweet but we lean towards the Rocket Fish.  This little ripper oozes that 70s essences. I want to be hitting a coastal pathway, mid-summer, shades, boardies and simply carving and cruising around with my pals. This board is not for commuting, it’s for breathing in the sea air, chilling out, and simply having no worries.

Only hand-made boards can offer you that feeling.

Now stop reading and go and check ‘em out!


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