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Ribcap Jackson

Diggin’ the Ribs and get ready for this winter with Ribcap’s Jackson cap.

These stand out, quality Swiss-Design caps aren’t only for the fashionistas and cool kids wanting a that hipster-look they are are actually packed with protective technology; High-tech protectors made out of V10 are sewn into every Ribcap. These light-weight and waterproof protectors are laminated with a thin layer of high quality shock-absorber SAF which harden at low temperatures. The cap is also fitted with a chin strap and reflective tape for extra security during darker times.

The Ribcap Jackson hasn’t cut corners on design and comfort either, the 100% breathable cap is made with 50% Merino wool, inner lined with fleece and to make all the mums and wives happy totally washable.

These beautifully designed caps ooze confidence in design, construction and whoever wears them.

£90 approx

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