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Ozone summit 2013

Ozone Summit 2013

Ozone’s 2013 all out high performance snow kite.

Designed for the experienced rider wanting to push the limits of what can be done with some snow, some wind and some sort of waxed wood, winter product.  This high aspect ratio kite offers insane power generation in lighter winds while offering you huge depower when the breeze comes in.  The Summit’s design, uses experience and knowledge from their paragliding team who have tweaked cell width, sail tension and aspect ratio to deliver faster and more assertive handling, rock solid stability, even in gusty conditions and a truly performance enhanced kite!

Although not for the beginner, this kite will take an intermediate by the balls and take you for the ride of a lifetime. So buckle up and have some fun!

Available in sizes:

8m (green)

10m (red)

12m (blue)

from £841.50

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