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nobile woodskim

Nobile Woodskim

Light winds have never looked so fun.

So you’ve got the afternoon off, forecast says great winds, you’re STOKED, you get to the beach and “AW SH*T” nothing more than a breeze (Damn you Mr Fish). Looking forward to a shredding session, you turn to your pal with that “shall we just pack up and go home” look on your face.


Get your melancholy backside back to the car and pull out a Nobile Woodskim!

The Woodskim is designed for those lighter wind days to make sure you still have loads of fun.   This little ripper is super responsive and light as a feather, perfect for hitting small waves, pulling off sick little strapless tricks and basically turning an otherwise disappointing kitesurfing day into a fun-filled mini-shredding session.

Make sure you’re prepared for whatever the weather.

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